wet room

We provide wetroom installation in Gloucester. Wetrooms & simple glass screens are becoming increasingly popular in th UK, following trends in Scandinavia.

Using straight and/or curved pieces of glass you create a beautiful minimalist look that’s so simple to clean & walk into.

A Wetroom creates a contemporary look which can transform your bathroom into a stylish, luxurious space whilst offering practical solutions to everyday problems.

Over the last 10 years we have become increasingly involved in working with customers who have specific mobility requirements for their bathrooms.

Quite often this will require the existing bath be removed to allow for the installation of a large low lying shower tray and glass screen creating a far more practical “walk in” shower scenario.

Alternatively the customer’s situation may necessitate installing a complete Wetroom using either slip resistant tiling or where required specialist vinyl flooring.

As part of any installation where a customer’s mobility and safety are key we invariably also install suitable shower seats and strategically positioned grab handles as in most cases although the customer may have certain mobility restrictions, they would obviously wish to continue to shower independently.